About Me

This site is owned and maintained by Alan Fletcher. Raccoonworks is my alter ego. I have been involved with computers since 1982 playing various roles - from programming to building my own brand of computers.

I have worked for several different companies in Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Canada and, of course, the USA where I currently reside and work and also do some consulting on the side.

My Resume

Technical Skills
  • Over 20 years of experience in programming, system design, project management and technical lead
  • Languages: Intel Assembly, C, C++, Object Pascal - Delphi, Javascript, PHP
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, Postgres and others
  • Computer hardware expert
Professional Experience
Spacelabs Healthcare - Software Engineer III - Issaquah, WA
October 2005 to present
  • Responsible for enhancing and supporting the company's flagship Patient Monitoring application (ICS) used by hospitals to collect near real-time data from networked bedside patient monitors
  • Implemented major improvements in the database for ICS allowing the  product to effectively support more than twice as many patients
  • Addressed several ICS product field issues, which required extremely complex analysis and skill to debug and correct
  • Provided knowledge and expertise to the next generation storage component
  • Worked with support, field personnel, and internal groups on challenging issues
  • Met with hospital staffs to assess field product issues and help determine future product enhancements
  • Participated in evaluating and hiring decisions for consultants and contractors
  • Traveled extensively in the US and abroad to meet with customers, assist field service personal, attend seminars and train co-workers in Spacelabs' Hyderabad facility
Transgroup Worldwide Logistics – Sr. Programmer – Seatac, WA
January 2005 to October 2005
  • Supported and enhanced an existing suite of applications (desktop and web based) used to control the shipment of cargo all over the world
  • Created new international shipping documentation solution that allowed the company to more effectively control the documentation correctness as well as processing status, thus streamlining the shipping process
  • Opened the communication channels between the development team members by starting weekly meetings and a web-based knowledge base system
  • Produced accurate product documentation,
Landmark Group Holdings - Sr. Systems Analyst - Bellevue , WA
October 2000 to December 2004
  • Supported and enhanced an existing Casino Check Cashing System - C4
  • Developed and implemented the company’s 3-tier strategy shifting away from a problematic Citrix based environment to a thin-client environment. The new environment allowed to control more efficiently client-connected hardware (check scanners, biometric devices, printers) as well as improved system response times
  • Developed and implemented company’s network security strategy
  • Analyzed, designed and implemented specifications for all Landmark’s products
  • Enhanced security in check-cashing system by implementing electronic fingerprint capture and validation
  • Documented existing applications
  • Created and manage beta sites for new software and system testing
  • Responsible for involving Landmark’s customer’s point-of-views in the design process
  • Manage systems and software deployment to our customers
  • Provided customers with technical support
Experian Information Solutions – IT Project Manager – Lincoln, NE
August 1999 to September 2000
  • Managed a team of nine IT professionals
  • Managed development of the CD-ROM line of reference and Marketing products (software) as well as variety of in-house projects
  • Assessed subordinates training needs, creating a training program
  • Designed, managed and implemented the first on-line version of the CD-ROM products to replicate seamlessly the CD-ROM based software interface on the web
  • Revamped product development practices to produce better quality software, and introduced Software Version Control practices
  • Helped technical support and sales to resolve different product related issues
International Mission Board - Consultant - Richmond , VA
(Short Term Contract – New Boston Systems)
Mar 1999 to April 1999
  • Presented the company with a comprehensive analysis of a Field Accounting System (FAS) and recommended actions to correct problematic areas
  • Helped in-house programmer to improve weak points in project design and codingDesigned and developed an independent reporting DLL used as a modular part of the field accounting system
  • Created templates and processes for easy addition of reports
  • Created all the required reports for final deployment of product
Digital Link Publishing, Corp. - President - Hollywood, FL
(d.b.a. DLP Computers)
Apr 1995 to Mar 1999
  • Independently established and managed a Computer Hardware and Software Consulting Company
  • Designed and implemented several software systems that allowed DLP to operate more efficiently
  • Developed an interactive storefront on the Internet, capable of taking secure orders and tracking visitors in order to focus marketing efforts and eliminate unneeded products
  • Designed Network systems, built custom computer systems, created custom made software solutions and helped several customers in many different fields with their information system’s strategy
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • French reading skills
Technical Training
  • Delphi Client/Server – Advanced
  • IT Project Management
  • C Language – Advanced
  • C++ Language
  • Assembly Language for PCs
  • Several Business Related Topics:
    • Managing Priorities
    • Project Management
    • Expressing Yourself
    • others